All Document Vendors. No Interface Required!!!!

The eMortgageLaw proprietary Intelligence Engine
can digitize your documents and send them for eClosing.

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Complete eClosing Solution

Full eClose - including a SMART Note
Ability for eNotorization
Hybrid Transactions
Slim Close - Allows Borrower to presign documents

SMART Note and eVaults

Our Proprietary Intelligence Engine can create SMART Notes from your existing documents and save them into your own personalized vault.
No Interface Required!

Why use eMortgageLaw?

The most versatile Mortgage eClose Solution

eMortgageLaw provides a complete eClose solution for all lenders regardless of their Closing Document Provider.  We simplify the process for your closers and can have you eClosing loans quickly.

The Concierge Difference

The eMortgageLaw Concierge

Too many eClose providers require your closers to spend their time preparing a package for eClose. They require you to spend your time uploading documents, reviewing your package, training and coordinating with title agents and borrowers. Bottom line: they require that your closers provide support to all parties involved in the transaction.

The eMortgageLaw Concierge, leveraging our intelligence engine and advanced technology, take on all of these functions allowing your closers to do what they are good at, CLOSING LOANS.

Slim Close

What is a Slim Close?

The Slim Close is a unique eClose solution that allows you to eClose most any loan.

  • Borrower securely eSigns most of their closing package from their home computer, phone or tablet
  • Documents signed the DAY of Closing, but Prior to going to the closing table
  • Borrower only has to sign a “slim” package at closing.  This usually contains, the collateral package, notarized documents and a few other forms
  • Closing time is reduced to 10-15 minutes
  • No training or setup required for your Title Company or Escrow Office

"I left the room as they started signing, when i returned a moment later, they were already done!"



"This was my first transaction with very prominent Realtor.  She was so pleased with how quick it went, i have already received new referrals."



"It took longer to get copies and get funded than it took to sign the documents"



Why Our Platform?

Features from eMortgageLaw

eClose Your Documents

Automatically Identify, Classify and Tag your documents


Your Note is converted to a SMART Note


eNotarize your own documents

Can you eClose?

Yes, even YOU can eClose!

There are many reasons people believe they cannot eClose.  Please visit our Yes You Can FAQs that answer many of the questions and show that even you can eClose.