Yes, You CAN eClose!

See how the eMortgageLaw solution solves the most common excuses.

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Vault & MERs Registration
  • The eMortgageLaw solution comes with a Vault integrated into the Lenders Setup. We will train the user on how to access  and use their vault
  • The eMortgageLaw solution does NOT charge to create a vault, setup a vault, or provide yearly maintenance for the vault
  • The eMortgageLaw implementation program will assist the Lender in creating their eMERs registration and assigning the appropriate values to their Vault
  • A SMARTNote is immediately registered with MERs as soon as the Note is fully executed. No additional steps required for the Lenders Closer or Funder
  • eMortgageLaw additionally integrates with eOriginal to provide options for the Lenders Vault
SMARTNote Creation
  • Lender does not have to have any understanding of the SMARTNote. Training will be provided as requested.  The eMortgageLaw system handles the rest
  • The eMortgagelaw system will automatically create a SMARTNote based on the Doc Set Provided. We currently have the most popular Fixed Rate Notes, Texas Home Equity Notes and are continuing to add additional notes as needed
Title Companies
  • The eMortgageLaw system is very easy to use for the Notaries. It requires less training than most.  We will continue to train the Notaries as needed and provide a “How To” video with every closing
  • The eMortgageLaw system does not charge the Title Company and requires no contract
  • Our Slim Close Product can eClose all documents except the Collateral Package and Notarized documents without ever involving the Notary. It is all done the day of closing, but prior to the borrowers attending the signing ceremony.  This allows a Lender to eClose loan even if the Title Company does not want to participate
Closers are Resistant to Change
  • The eMortgageLaw system provides an eClosing Concierge on every file. No additional steps,  software or changes in workflow is required.  They simply deliver the package to [email protected] instead of delivering to title
DocPrep Provider doesn't have eClose or it doesn't meet your requirements
  • The eMortgageLaw solutions is Doc Prep Provider nuetral. No interface required.  Our unique intelligence engine can read the mortgage documents, categorize them, tag them, convert to SMARTNote, and have them signed and notarized
Available eClose Solution is cumbersome or expensive
  • The eMortgageLaw system does not have contractual minimums
  • The eMortgageLaw system provides the eClosing Concierge to do the brunt of the eClose process
  • The eMortgageLaw system charges no upfront setup charges
  • Thanks to the eMortgageLaw system’s intelligence engine and eClosing Concierge, very little training and implementation is required. We can close the first loan in less than 1 week
  • Thanks to the eMortgageLaw system’s intelligence engine, no interface is required
  • The eMortgagelaw help desk is staffed from 7:00am to 7:00pm and even offer weekend support when needed. No additional fees charged for support.